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Woman Gone Global Partners

Valencia McDaniel and Erica Jean-Baptiste are the managing partners of Woman Gone Global Partners (WGGP) LLC located here in Metro Atlanta Georgia. WGGP was co-founded as a solution to the dwindling construction skilled trades workforce by providing a pathway to a non-traditional career opportunity for women. 

Valencia is from a military family, daughter of a US Naval Pilot and Human Relations officer for bases across Europe.  Her travels from the east coast to the west coast and throughout Europe exposed her at an early age to the complexities of a career that required constant moving from place to place.  She completed her formal education with a Graduate degree at AIU University in Education and Curriculum Design, yet the true education came in the form of adapting to the world of construction. Through the span of 15 years, she advanced through several positions as Field Office Admin, to Executive Administrative Manager to Compliance Manager to one of the largest minority construction development groups in Atlanta.

Valencia currently resides in Lithonia, GA. She has three adult children and six grandchildren all scattered from Atlanta to New York City to Baumholder, Germany.  When she is not busy with Women Gone Global Partners, Valencia is very active as a leader in her church. She also serves on the Board of Women of Life, Inc., a nonprofit women’s ministry which is a community service oriented ministry.  When she finds any extra time she likes to read and bake.  Baking she says is her therapeutic outlet!


Erica is no stranger to construction, coming from the island of Trinidad and Tobago. Her dad was also British Navy born in the island of Barbados. She said, the skilled-trades and construction careers were never a taboo for her, hard work was always  expected. She painted, alongside her brothers and sisters from early growing up. Many family members were welders, carpenters, millwork specialists, and masons involved in building homes. Most were sole entrepreneurs. Though her educational background was in accounting, Erica went back to school for Construction Management while working with one of the nations’ largest flooring manufacturer and construction subcontractor. With 20+ years in the industry, she has managed to create a wealth of knowledge as Credit Manager, Accounting Receivable Manager, Contract Administrator and Project Lien Process Manager, Compliance Manager among others, eager to pass on.

Erica has raised 4 boys, all now inspiring entrepreneurs. She is a visionary and a DIY queen who is constantly recreating some new living space, both indoors and out. When she is not busy with that, she can be found, hiking, writing or on the dance floor. She is also an independent travel agent at, and have been gifting travel for years. Her Caribbean roots makes cooking and entertaining a welcome pleasure for many.

Both women have spent over 12 years involved in, National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), encouraging and promoting women in this male dominated industry.  Both have held several leadership positions as members of NAWIC Atlanta. Valencia has served as Regional and Chapter Committee Chairs and a long-standing Board member, as well as President-Elect, President and Treasurer.  Erica has served twice as President from 2017-2019 as well as Board member and Outreach Committee chair. These leadership roles and their passion to make a difference by bringing more career awareness of opportunities available to women, have motivated and empowered them to explore introductory pathways to the construction industry ultimately forming the creation of, Women Gone Global Partners, LLC.

Women Gone Global Partners is a multi-faceted construction services company and launching a training program. They currently hold monthly Virtual Panel Discussions titled, “Let’s Talk Women in Trades”. A platform to bring awareness to the dwindling skilled-trades workforce in the Construction Industry and the untapped resource of women to fill that gap. Their mission is to equip women with the required knowledge and tools to build a sustainable viable career for themselves and develop significance socio-economic value in their community. They believe; if you build the woman, you build her family…if you build her family, you build the community. That is a win-win.

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