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Tara Tucker

Tara Tucker is a Visionary, Coach, and Author of the books Everybody Kneeling Ain't Praying, Going Higher, 12 weeks of reflection for the Woman of God, and the anthology, Screams From The Church Pew-Her Story, Gods Glory. She enjoys blogging and ministering in her women's group, JEWELS, Ladies of prayer, of which she's the Founder. Tara owns Tucker Publishing House, LLC, a home for those in her culture to share their stories of inspiration and overcoming because she believes our authentic voices must be shared, making a powerful world impact.  She is best known for her transparency and authenticity. Her motto is "Live, Love, and Be Authentic." Tara host a LIVE podcast show every Wednesday called Going Higher Together. She was on many podcasts and shows such as Nikki Rich and iHeartRadio. Her heart is for women to own their traumatic stories and see the beauty in their scars. She started a Black Women Empowered To Write group to increase awareness of our voices' power and gain freedom from writing.  She lives in Michigan with her husband, three children, two cats, and one dog. You can find out more at www.tuckerpublishinghouse.com or email at writertaratucker@gmail.com