is the CEO & Founder of the amazing BeYOUtiful Boutique, online. She is excited to share her world. Tammie is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend who simply loves people. Originally from Monroe, LA currently residing in Kansas for six years.


 In her own words  “ I’m an entrepreneur who loves to inspire, advocate, and motivate others to “Simply Be Themselves” through affordable fashion”. She grew up in the projects. Her mother was devoted and hardworking but wasn’t always able to give them the name brand clothes and shoes. Tammie began to create her own in high school. Her vision for the boutique is for others to embrace themselves, be you, love who you are, and to always keep a teachable spirit to grow. “We learn something new each day and as we do, we should embrace the knowledge”. She has created two community outreach projects that help build and inspire Unity, Love, and respect.

The first project created in 2018 is Y.O.U.R.S which means

(Young Optimistic Unwavering Rewarding Success) training.

The mission of Y.O.U.R.S is to simply help young individuals make an informed career choice and acquire the essential tools needed to excel in their careers. The program includes topics such as career awareness assessment tests, and Financial Literacy.  Other topics include, Personal Branding, Networking, Interview Prep/Follow Up.

The second project launched in 2020 is Boots & Arms. Boots & Arms was created to unite the African American community and combat the often-seen divisiveness in the underprivileged communities. Changing the mindset is important to creating a new positive narrative.

 Boots & Arm seeks to reinforce the positive role of the man in the home and community? Boots is the African American man referencing stable feet on the ground. He is the King on his throne. As the head of the house, he protects and provides for the family. He prays and leads his family. He is a pillar in the community as a positive role model leading by example. He is the foundation and the most important piece in the home and community. He is a leader of his family and community who walks with integrity.

 Arms is the African American woman referencing support but not being an enabler. She is the virtuous woman who uses her arms to help build, love, and not destroy her home or community. She is the Queen that can be independent wearing many hats but humble knowing her role in the home and community. The Queen is the most powerful piece in the family because she is the glue that keeps the family together while working mostly behind the scenes.

Tammie’s vision is to create actionable solutions to the stigmas in the Black Community and partner with other organizations in the community to help. The mission is to educate the community to work collectively together in unity to be a great nation helping each other.


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