Rhonda A. Thompson, “A Voice for the Voiceless,” is an award-winning empowerment speaker, advocate, and author from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Informing and motivating women of all walks of life to live purposefully , Thompson is dedicated to helping others to see their options and their potential to, ultimately, find their freedom.


With focus and determination, going from SURVIVOR to OVERCOMER, Thompson earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and subsequently, became the CEO & Founder of Rose of Sharon Transitional Living for Women, Inc. As an ordained minister, Thompson uses her “voice,” her experience, and her education to enlighten others to help release them from the pain of domestic violence.


Thompson had the privilege of beginning her domestic violence work in 1988, while manning the crisis hotline at “Sojourner Truth House” in Wisconsin. She also worked with “Brothers Against Domestic Violence,” as a female bodyguard responsible for escorting women to court for domestic violence cases.


As a woman who has survived multiple forms of abuse, including sexual abuse, she can understand a victim’s perspective. Thompson became an intricate part of the healing process for many women and uses her survivor platform to reach back and help others. Her life’s mission is to eradicate the senseless physical, emotional and mental damage, injuries, and deaths that occur as a result of abuse and domestic violence. She is also dedicated to helping women find their own voice, live authentically and design a life that they love.


Q & A

   October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Briefly tell us how you became involved in this cause. I am a over-comer of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, three suicide attempts and once I survived I realized I had something that could help someone else.


   I’ve been through the Partnership Against Domestic Violence training program. What three recommendations do you have for people counseling and interacting with those who are in a domestic violence situation? Please don't call people victims, realize that they need to be seen as a human being not another number on your roaster so speak to the women with compassion and do everything you can to make their life easier even include the children.


  What is your message for those who feel responsible for being victimized? It is NEVER your fault. Self love will help to make sure this never happens again. When we love ourselves so much we not only attract that from others but we can easily identify that what is facing us is NOT love.


 Tell the most important goal of your annual Gala hopes to accomplish. I hope to have a building that I go to everyday and hold the hands of women and children and to make sure I have the right amount of resources that they will never return to that situation again.