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Renetta J. Cochran

Renetta J. Cochran, President, Founder and Editor in Chief of The Ultimate Black Man Magazine, a magazine that recognizes, honors and features Black Men for their outstanding accomplishments, based in Flint, MI. She started this magazine to change the negative images of black men being portrayed in the media and to create a platform to show their greatness, which has now gained over 30,000 reader in less than a year.

Renetta is also a self-published author of three amazing books, two inspirational “From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly” written in 2006 about her abuse and “Loving Me to Loving You” which is her self-love book and her latest book “Sensational Deception” her first Erotica Book. Renetta has always had a deep passion for writing which prompt her grandmother to purchase her a typewriter at age four. Renetta even ventured out and has written, directed and produced two hit stage plays “Obedience” and “Fool Me Once”

Renetta’s greatest joy is being the mother of two adult children and eight grandchildren that she has dedicated her life to making sure that they use their God-given talents and become all their supposed to be in life, Her favor scripture is “Phil 4:13, I can do all things through God that strengthens me”.


Question:  First Happy New Year! With 2020 in the rear view mirror, what is the one major lesson you can take from the very tumultuous year?

The one lesson that I can take from 2020 is don’t take life granted, Live, Laugh and Love


Question: I see you are a very prolific writer, what is the origin of your love for writing?

The origin of my writing I believe comes from my life experiences, beginning as early as six months old, but realizing at age three I was different from other because I was living with my grandmother instead of my parents, so writing became my outlet.


Question: Do you have any plans to adapting your plays for the screen big or small?

My first play “Obedience” was on stage in January 2013 and completely sold out. My plans for “Fool Me Once” is to have on stage as well. I would love to be able to see both of them on a platform big or small.


Question: Let’s talk about the men’s magazine. What inspired you to do a men’s magazine?


I’ve wanted to do a magazine since the early 90’s and researched what it would take to do an online magazine, but at that time I had no idea what I wanted to do it on. I am an intercessor and I asked God to guide me and give me something original. It was a time when I was hearing more and more negative things about black men. The movies that were being made were all about black men in jail, robbing, killing, and treating black women horrible. That’s when I believe I felt God telling me to do a magazine on black men to take the negative image and make it into a positive image. The name was chosen because I see them as Ultimate Black Men doing great things. Truly out of every, I LOVE BLACK MEN and what they stand for. I believe they are one of the greatest gift that God has made.


Question: Have you had any push back from men?

I’ve had major push backs from men, because starting this magazine, the black men I talked to didn’t thing they were worthy of being featured, because either they didn’t have the “Status”, they were “Divorce” or just plain and simple didn’t know they were what I was looking for.


Question: What is the central messages you hope men get from the publication?

You are Powerful and to use that power for good.


andre cover (1).jpg

Question: Let’s do a mini Vision Board name five things you want to accomplish in the next year, in a sentence or two for each one.

  1. I want to become more healthy, by eating better, praying more, and going to the gym to strengthen by body.

  2. I want to set up wealth for my family and my self by saving and investing more money by acquiring the knowledge I need to obtain that wealth.

  3. I would love to become a Best Selling Author with my Exotica books and starting with my first one “Sensational Deception”, by submitting it to a major publishing company.

  4. To build my magazine into a Multi-Million Dollar Magazine, by continuing to increase readership, with marketing, great content, and building major sponsorships.

  5. I plan to write and produce more plays, short films and made for TV movies.



Question: What is coming up for you?

I have several things coming up.

*My first every Cover Feature with EM Spire Magazine

*February – My first Annual February’s Fifty Fabulous Fe’Males Issu

*March – My first NBA cover feature

*April – My Boys to Men Issue (Boys 5-17 Issue)

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