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Mia Howell

Celebrity Coach

How did you become a Life Coach of celebrities?

I have been a mentor and executive coach for many years. My relationship as life and executive coach for celebrities developed organically. It was never my goal to target "celebrities." Many people forget that celebrities are regular people. 

About seven years ago I developed a friendship with a gentleman, unbeknown to me in the beginning, that he worked in the entertainment industry.  Many introductions began as business inquiries with others developing into coaching relationships.Concerning confidentiality, I will not disclose the identities of clients that I coach, but I have worked with musicians, actors, and athletes, the best identification is that they are people too.

As a coach what are the three most important things to kick-start your life.

As a coach, I will start with the three most important things to kickstart my life. I hold myself accountable for my actions.


(1) Know Who You Are: My representation as a woman stands by Proverbs 31:10-31 and my faith embodies Matthew 17:20. My faith is my strongest foundation!  Chains are broken, walls knocked down, and gates have opened.


(2.) Self-Worth, I know my worth, and it can only be measured by me. Never settle for anything that you do not want, the settlement includes relationships and life's proposals.


(3.) Confidence, It is vital to believe in yourself, trust yourself, and be yourself.  

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Name a defining movement in your life when you knew you had to pursue your passion and not just a paycheck.


The defining moment that I knew I had to pursue my passion came when I remembered how wealthy I was. Not from a materialistic standpoint but from the being that I was created to be. Building up to the point of recognition, I had become so frustrated with not seeing "change." I had a job with great benefits making good money, happy home life in all. Looking from the outside in it seemed like life was golden.

My passion has always been to help others. My passion may sound cliché, but it is my truth. We all can reach, teach, and learn from each other. Pursuing my passion broke restraints that led to recognition and opportunities, with one of the most honorable being called to represent UAW Ford in welcoming President Barack Obama to the company and our facility. Chasing my passion has given the ability to graduate from a happy person to a pillar of joy. 

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 What's next for Mia?    

What is next for Mia!  I have several projects in the works starting with the expansion of my personal and professional performance consultancy.  I am also completing my doctoral program. I will receive my Doctor of Management in Organizational and Technological Leadership degree in early 2019. 


As a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Business Management, in which I design and develop course curriculum for bachelor’s degree programs at different colleges, I also have independent workshops and seminars in development for entrepreneurs. With ideas for movie scripts, interactive mobile apps, and more, the What’s Next for Mia list is extensive. I will continue to live my purpose by letting the comfort of transparency of my life guide me for the better. 

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