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Melvin Jones Jr.


Coach Melvin Jones Jr.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania he began working at the age of 12 (twelve), much like his father, an unparalleled work ethic was installed in Melvin at a very young age. Mr. Jones was always reminded when asked, what he wanted to be, when he grew up, and his reply was “A Man”! That mindset along with hard work, honesty, and perseverance has been the foundation of his personal and professional life.


As the founder of Melvin Jones Jr. International, Melvin Coaching & Consulting, and several other corporations, established in 1996, has grown with a service arm that stretches the entire eastern seaboard. Servicing the commercial, Institutional, hospitality, and healthcare industries, with offices in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Virginia, Atlanta, and headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina.

Melvin is an accomplished corporate strategist, advisor, mentor, marketer, Speaker, and Transformational Coach. Melvin has the uncanny ability of inspiring others to not just think outside the box, but remove the box all together, reach their goals, make their contribution to the world, and fulfill their dreams. (Melvin Jones International)