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What brings you joy?


I think what brings me joy is the feeling of being loved, appreciated. Knowing that my family is happy. Knowing that my family is taken care off. Living in a world that you love and shows love back to you. Having a peace of mind. Being able to just give so much to the world and making the world a better place just because I am in it. Seeing people around me smile, and enjoying life. Seeing a society that loves one another regardless of skin color or background. That's what gives me true joy. 



We are doing mantras all this year. What is the mantra you live by?


That God created each and everyone one of us for Greatness. We have Greatness inside of us and its totally up to US to keep tapping into ourselves, re-inventing ourselves, finding ourselves, and evolving ourselves to reach in and release that Greatness that God has instilled in us. NEVER EVER QUIT. 


What’s coming up with for you in 2019 and into 2020. Tell us about the tour dates.


Well I'm looking to take the Fitness Beats Depression Movement on a nationwide city to city tour across the country to show the world that we can overcome this illness called "Depression". 

Also working on a documentary as well that will highlight depression. And we of course are working on some other major film/tv projects that we have on our slate.


We also are working on launching our own fragrance line, relaunching our wine and champagne brands as well and thinking of a clothing line also. So we have a lot of different things in the works. 

We will also be doing some speaking engagements and motivational speaking in different cities that we already have lined up. So we are just looking to keep giving people Hope, and inspire the world. 







Kenyon Glover, Philanthropist, Multi- Talented Entrepreneur, soon Mogul was born to Barbara Glover in Monroe, Louisiana in 1982. The oldest of three siblings, he was taught great discipline skills by his placements in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Kickboxing earned Black Belt level. He then found a love for basketball at the age of seven, played during his High School years where he was highly recruited by several colleges from around the country.

Kenyon Selected and attended the University of Maine for his education but he continued playing basketball then went on to graduate with a Bachelors in Business Management in 2002. After graduating, Glover began playing professional basketball in England, recognized for his skills was then picked up by the Milwaukee Bucks. His career was short lived, however, after three months due to a career-ending knee injury. Feeling devastated and unsure of his future, he attempted suicide.

A strong believer in his faith, he began to explore other life ventures thus, leading him to his current career in Acting, Modeling, and as a multiple business owner. Kenyon moved to Atlanta, GA to take on jobs as a model and then later finding a love for acting in 2004. Mr. Glover's new love for acting led him to move to Los Angeles where he signed on with an agency, working as a full time actor since 2006. It was during this time, he founded several successful businesses.  www.kenyonglover.net


I’ve known you for a few years and have followed your projects such as the Peachtree Fashion week and other ventures. Please tell us about your new project. It is so relevant and necessary to have the conversation about depression and suicide.  


Well my name is KENYON GLOVER.. lol.. And this new venture, Fitness Beats Depression came about because of my own battle with depression for some years now. I was diagnosed with Chronical Depression and its been a very hard day to day battle. And one of the main ways that I have been getting thru it is thru health and fitness. People that know what I'm going thru constantly ask me how am I able to maintain my sanity and that's mainly my answer. So I figured, why not create a movement that will inspire, empower and motivate people to overcome their own depression or anxiety the same way that I am, which is thru fitness. And so the Fitness Beats Depression Movement was born. 



What is the most important piece of advice you can give to family member who may have a love one living with depression?


By all means, DO NOT let them battle it alone. So many people are in denial that they are actually depressed and don't want to admit it because they don't want to seem weak or vulnerable, but please stay consistent with them in talking with them or even seeking out help, or counseling for them. Because sometimes they just need to know someone cares, or needs to just vent, or talk it out, express their feelings, frustrations or what have you. Let them know that you care, you love them, you're their for them, and please don't judge them AT ALL.. They need to know that they won't be judged for being vulnerable.