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Dr. Elizabeth Jennings

Remember You Matter

Dr. Elizabeth Jennings is an Occupational Therapist, a certified mindfulness & integrative wellness life coach, educational consultant, and personal and career growth/empowerment speaker. Dr. Jennings is the founder and CEO of Remember You Matter Coaching, Consulting, and Mentoring which provides life coaching services to kids, teens, adults, and veterans. Dr. Jennings provides mentoring and consulting services to schools, communities, and businesses. She inspires children, teachers, and adults using mindfulness strategies to overcome obstacles that prevent progression in life. Dr. Jennings has helped numerous individuals of all ages to gain a clearer understanding of themselves and their impact in life.

Dr. Jennings is an author and writer. She has authored four books to empower both children and adults to better cope with loss and demonstrate resiliency in their life. Dr. Jennings is the proud parent of 2 school-age children Donte and Deliya Jennings. Dr. Jennings’ children co-illustrated one of her children books that is published.
Dr. Jennings has a passion for teaching, inspiring, and empowering people to manage difficult life transitions and to achieve successful life outcomes. Dr. Jennings is a leader who currently leads a local chapter of a military course in her local community that is well known all around the United States. Reboot Combat Recovery is a 12-week community course for veterans and families dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and combat symptoms.  Dr. Jennings is also working on launching a multi-faceted Boys Mentorship program/curriculum called Boys Matter to Men that will start locally and expand globally to support and transform the lives of men, women, and children.