Renata Brown

Editor in Chief


From the Editor

Thriving in a Pandemic

To say this year has been challenging is to say the Grand Canyon is a just a hole in the ground.  Many have faced devastating loss in this time. So how dare I even suggest that you can strive in the midst of an pandemic.  Well because you can!  The world has been put on a forced timeout. The very air we breath is easier to inhale because of the lack of automobiles that were off the road. The ozone is healing. We can take our clues from nature. If we really use this time to rest and heal. We can be re-energized to  pursue our goals and most importantly passions. Because my business is media and communication we have had an uptick in business. I think people finally have an idea who we are and what we do. I say with a small chuckle.

Don’t let your situation become a limitation. Look for the opportunities and areas of personal and professional growth. I hope that the world emerges from this a better place to human on.