Renata Brown

Editor in Chief


From the Editor

Are you consistent or complacent?

The saying goes the definition of insanity is to do the same thing the same way and expect a different outcome. One must ask him or herself am I consistent or complacent? For that matter what is the difference between the two?

Let’s take complacency. Some of the signs of complacency is that you are always looking back at past achievements and not forward to future accomplishments. It is ok to pat yourself on the back. However, you don’t want to get stuck and become unmotivated to change and growth. The parable of the talents illustrates this perfectly. Everyone was given at least one talent. We all know how that concluded for the one that buried it in the ground.  He ended up with less than he started with. Are you moving forward or are you content with where you are and just trying to hang on to what you got? I can understand that in the times we are now facing. However, each generation has had its’ own battles.

Now let’s look at consistency. I’m going to liken it to the process of following a recipe. To reach a level of consistency you must first gather all the ingredients. The next step is to measure what and how much of this and how much of that is needed. If you skip this step, you will most likely not get the desired results. Yes, you can season to taste, but it’s helpful to get the basics down first. Once measured the mixing process begins. This is where you must pay attention to what blends together. When I was just learning how to bake, I would just throw everything in the bowl at once. I ended up with chunks of butter and lumps of sugar.

In business we should take time to figure out how to develop a team that blends well. You may have all the right people, but they have to be in the right positions to have optimum solutions.

Now alas, everything is blended right, you guessed it, you’ve reached consistency. Pre-heat the oven, set the timer and prepare for success.

Consistency summed up is taking steps to move forward and not just around to achieve the desired outcomes. Everyday do one thing for your health & wealth and you’ll find yourself ever closer to your goals.