Got Joy?
It's Up to You!


Are you in a rut? Mentally drained and emotionally exhausted? Longing to be your best self, physically and mentally? Now imagine for a moment that a year from now you are still in the same exact mental, emotional, and physical spot that you’re in now.  What about five years from now? What about ten years from now? Would you be content or would you be wondering where the time went and why you haven’t budged and planned to create a more ideal life?


I have an idea! Let’s do some self-exploration together for the rest of the year!  Here’s what I’m thinking….. I would like to explore how the actions I make each day are setting me up for the life I envision.  Are most of my decisions holding me back because I’m operating out of a state of fear? Is being lazy 23 out of 24 hours producing the results I desire?  Is thinking about what I’ve achieved or experienced in the past good enough? Will resting on my laurels truly get me ahead? Is expecting things to fall into my lap simply because I think they should fall into my life, getting me to my goal?

While I’m thinking about what steps I would like to take to get me closer to my goals on a daily basis, I’m also making sure that I’m not leaving out one important element: Gratitude!  It’s so important for us to remember that we can’t expect to better our future, until we learn to be grateful for the present moment. That simply means that I am valuing where I am and taking full note of the good things in my surroundings and being aware that life is beautiful right NOW! We often forget to actually experience our LIFE right NOW and notice everything that is going well right NOW! Not everything is gloom and doom. There are luxuries that we get to experience right now. The truth of the matter is that we also have a CHOICE in what we welcome into our world right NOW.  We have a choice in whether we spend our time talking to certain people, spend our time in certain environments, and spend moments of our day the way we want to.


Let’s make healthier and purposeful lifestyle choices starting right NOW!