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Named the “100 Top Anesthesiologist ” in the country by America’a Top Anesthesiologists from Consumer’s Research Council of America , Dr. Renee Sunday provides coaching and advice to over 197,000 followers and growing via www.ReneeSunday.com, her social media channels, and her GOOD DEEDS Radio show a part of her Media Company.

Dr. Renee Sunday at her core is a humanitarian and has always been deeply inspired by helping others from all walks of life. Dr. Renee Sunday is an award winning 16 year practicing doctor in the area of Anesthesiology, Media Coach, Self-help and Motivational Speaker, also known as a Grief and Loss Counselor as an Ordained Minister.

By the time Dr. Renee was in her teen years she had experienced life ugly side; bullied and nicknamed “Olive Oil” for her tall statue and clothing appearance because everything she wore was simply too short. Her deep drive for humanity was born out of this place where she felt humanity needed more.
Hitting The Bottom and Bouncing Back…

Dr. Renee Sunday All in ONE day she went from a $300,000 income to a $0 income. She hung in there with faith as her anchor. During the economic crash of 2008 jobs became limited and companies including hospitals scaled back; she was scaled. The thought of giving up was not an option, and in that moment Dr. Renee began to create her own economy. Today she successfully run and operate Sunday’s Publishing, Media Network which includes ( radio and magazine), Media Coaching| & Consulting, Ministering and Motivational Speaking. Dr. Renee perseverance illustrates how to find success if you really want it simply “TRUST“.

This was my destined path.

Dr. Renee stated “I TRUSTED… and listened to my heart and knew that this was what I was supposed to do. I remained true to being a medical doctor and yet within me for years, I was deeply inspired to help entrepreneurs to think about their dreams. I said YES and took the smart risks to invest in humanity and that investment now allow women in business to thrive no matter what state the economy is in”!

Helping Women Thrive as Authors and Media Experts with Sunday’s Publishing, Coaching and Consulting Programs.

Over the last 5 years, Dr. Renee has advised and helped nurture the dreams of women desires to become a published author and media expert. Many of these women have created online opportunities that you see thriving today. Dr. Renee has helped her clients [BE SEEN BE HEARD and GET PAID] which has significantly increased their marketplace positioning.

Dr. Renee Sunday is a recognized and highly respected brand. Dr. Renee has received awards, media, and exclusive opportunities throughout the US. Recently interviewing today’s most influential Pastor’s Bishop T.D. Jakes in her GOOD DEEDS Magazine also being invited to cover media at Bishop Jakes Pastor’s Leader Conference. By popular demand, Dr. Renee is regularly invited to speak on stages delivering powerful messages and practical action steps to groups ranging from entrepreneurs to faith based organizations to nonprofits and women’s groups.


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