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Mental Wars


Why are we not talking mental wars in our families in the Communities? Why aren't the Leaders teaching about this? What are they afraid of?  It is an epidemic on the rise and people are crying out for help and searching for answers. I have made it my mission to bring this issue to the forefront and via organizations, magazines, editors, freelance writers, and TV producers. I think you will agree that it’s time to let the world know about mental illness and the effects it has on normal people. 

In numerous households there is a family member that suffers from some form of mental illness, whether it is depression, bi-polarism or schizophrenia.  Society has labeled this disease as something so horrible that people are afraid to talk about it.  

It should be our mission to eradicate the stigma and expose this sickness to the world. It is no secret that we have lawyers, doctors, teachers, politicians, entertainers, and people from all walks of life and every race. This disease does not discriminate.  

It is my heartfelt desire to expose the truth about mental illness. However, I am well aware that many will see this from a different view.  The real deal is people who suffer from mental illness regardless of their background, race, or social status.

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About Dr. Lena Clark

Lena has a passion for helping individuals who may be feeling stuck in life and may have lost track of their true self and calling. As someone who has worked in the community for over 20 years as an advocate for individuals who have lost their true identity, has no desire to get out of bed and hating early mornings. Lena has first-hand experience of how powerful and purposeful pro-action is. Whether that is visualizing or journaling on desires and goals, using experience tools to gather your thoughts about your own life and dreams, or breaking out your favorite books or journaling to imagine and connect with who you are on a higher level.

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