At Home Spa Treatment is a

Super Stress Soother

Marilyn Johnson, ND

With a little effort and creativity you can experience the luxury of an expensive spa right in the comfort of your very own home.  It is easier than you think to transform your bathroom into a private healing Oasis of personal growth and stress relief, fully equipped to soothe your body mind and spirit anytime you wish. 


At the end of a busy day, or whenever the demands of the life become overbearing, soak your cares away.  Turn your bath into a Mineral Spa.  Once you’ve drawn the bath water throw in a few handfuls of Epsom Salts.  Follow this with a maximum of three to five drops each of pure essential oils.  Relaxing lavender, gentle geranium, or uplifting jasmine are delightful all purpose soothers. Dim the lights and surround the healing waters of your bath with scented white, pink, or blue candles and rest assured your stresses and strains are on their way down the drain.  


Set aside time for yourself, at least once a week, to enjoy this special quiet time of communion with the healing waters.  Once you have experienced the benefits of your at home spa treatment you will want to reward yourself with this special treat as often as possible.  If you are so fortunate as to have a spouse or significant other, a shared home Spa experience can bring renewed fulfillment to both of you and to your relationship.


Of course many of you have experienced Spa treatments during vacations.  Why not enjoy the simple pleasure of a mini spa vacation on a regular basis.  Turning your bath into a home spa requires nothing more than a little time and a positive state of mind. You can make your home spa special by treating yourself to practical luxuries like sponges, body brushes, bath pillows, natural soaps, fragrant bath salts and body oils.


Visit the florist or your backyard garden for fresh cut roses, tulips, lilies, irises, or other pretty flowers to place in your bathroom.  Gaze deeply with appreciation for the natural beauty of the red, lavender, and yellow blossoms during your bath.  Go ahead and give into the urge to toss a few petals into the tub.  Be sure to give thanks to the creator for the perfect beauty that each flower reveals to you.  


Once you have all your supplies, prepare your bathroom by cleaning it until it is spotless. Substitute, the fresh clean scent of pine or lemon essential oils added to an organic liquid soap for those chemical based commercial type of cleaning products.  Essential oils are also natural disinfectants, anti-fungal, and bactericides.  In addition, the fresh clean aromas you inhale during cleaning will linger on to energize your entire home.  You will want to give up the strong harsh odors of chemical based cleaning products forever. 


Instead of using an ammonia-based window cleaner save yourself some money, try vinegar and water to shine the mirrors and windows.   If you have a service to do this for you, be sure they use natural cleaning products.   You would expect the best of everything if you were going out to an expensive place to take your Spa treatment, so why not pamper yourself at home.


It is important to use pure essential oils since synthetic duplicates are inorganic

Petroleum by- products lacking the nature’s sunshine energy to provide the emotional comfort you so richly deserve.  Sip a glass of cool spring water with a drop of lemon, peppermint, orange or grapefruit pure essential oil from your prettiest long stem goblet.  The water will help detoxify of your body from the inside out. 


It is easy to make your bath time an adventurous retreat.  Put on some relaxing reggae music and picture yourself soaking up the sun at your favorite tropical setting.   Sample a more exotic flavor like mango, pineapple, coconut, guava, or any of your favorite fruit or vegetable juices.  Even if you never leave town, anything can be real if you only use your mind.


Since the treatment includes the entire body, why not start with the face?  Boil a pot of water and let it cool to the point where you can put your face close to the water.  Put in some chamomile, peppermint and rosemary then put a towel overhead and start to breathe in the lovely aroma.


Grab a handful of oatmeal for sensitive skin or cornmeal for oily skin.  Add to this a bit of coconut, grapeseed or another favorite oil. Gently massage into the face being careful not to scrub too hard.  Hard scrubbing on the skin leads to irritation and discoloration.  Keep in mind your skin has just been steamed so it is very sensitive to heat.  The goal is for your skin to have a healthy glow and not a bruised look so take it very easy on the use of facial scrubs.


Next, give your body a pre-bath cleanses.  Take a medium bristled body brush and treat your body to a through body brushing.  This brushing removes dead skin cells and allows the benefits of the essential oils and mineral salts to penetrate more effectively.  Take long gentle stokes from shoulders to toes.  Make sure to always brush away from the heart.


Rinse your face very well.  Have a few cucumber or potato slices ready to apply to the eyes, during the bath, to help reduce puffiness and dark circles. You are now ready to slip into your healing bath.  During your bath take a few deep breaths and visualize a deep and complete peace coming from within your soul.  Center yourself and focus on the positive blessings in your life.


Family friends, food, and shelter are precious gifts often taken for granted.  Following this period of meditation, take a Loofah scrub sponge and gently scrub your body.  The pre bath body brushing and the bath massage keeps the circulation flowing.  Soak a while longer.


When you are ready to leave your place of personal pleasure, gently towel dry your body and lovingly massage yourself with a warmed body massage oil.  Five to ten drops of essential oils in one third ounce of a vegetable based carrier oils is all you need.  Rosemary and peppermint works wonders for a morning pick me up.  Chamomile and lavender can’t be beat for bringing on a good night sleep.  The half-hour to an hour for this affordable luxury is guaranteed to leave you feeling rejuvenated and renewed, ready to take on the challenges of everyday living.


Following the bath, wrap yourself in a bath sheet and allow yourself a few minutes or more of quiet reflection or meditation. This will closing, an at home Spa treatment doesn’t have to be expensive to be special.  The wonders of a relaxing meditation and the healing bath have been passed on the thousands of years.  Take a little extra time to treat yourself special.  Show yourself how much you care about you. 


Combining regular at home spa treatments with good diet, moderate exercise and lots of positive thinking. Don’t be surprised when wonderful benefits of increased self-confidence, focus bring more love and fulfillment into your life. 


Taking time to love yourself is truly worth the effort.  You deserve these blessings because the benefits of an at home spa treatment truly make you feel special. 

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