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Dr. Deborah A. Johnson-Blake
Co-Author of Women Everywhere
Level Up and Lead 

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Q & A

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Dr. Deborah A. Johnson-Blake is the CEO of The Writing Pad, LLC, a writing, editing and consulting firm focusing on proofreading, editing, and customized writing. She is an award-winning assistant professor, subject matter expert with expertise in leadership and management, and serves on several dissertation committees as a dissertation content specialist and reader. Dr. Johnson-Blake is a corporate trainer and speaker helping participants improve relations and achieving personal and professional goals in the workplace and beyond.

Q. All year long we are asking what mantra you live your life by, if any. My mantra is to Live on Purpose Every day.

A. My purpose and mission in life are to lead, serve, and be a resource to others. I try to work in my strength every day by doing the things I enjoy such as networking/netweaving, editing, teaching, being time efficient and ensuring my family, friends, colleagues and students have the resources they need for success. Of course, I always implement self-care so that I can serve overs the way God intended me to do.

Q. What’s coming up with for you in 2019? 

A. This year has been exciting, and my goals are coming to fruition. Opportunities continue to flow, and I am loving every moment! My second book, Women Everywhere Level Up and Lead has been published in collaboration with 10 other women authors. In this book, we reveal challenges in achieving higher leadership positions. We wrote this book based on our personal experiences .

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Q. In your work, you edit other people’s thoughts and words. Is there a moment in your life you would go back and edit?

 A. Absolutely! I have had many moments where I wanted to pause, rewind, and replay. However, if I had an opportunity to go back and edit a moment in my life by hitting the "undo" button, I would change my life as a paralegal. My first legal position began and ended earlier than I anticipated with a simple phone call from an insurance claims adjuster. My attorney took the call but afterwards I was given a briefing on how we had not filed a civil lawsuit for one of our clients. We missed it by one day! Yes, one day! Basically, the statute of limitations had expired the day before the insurance claims adjuster called. Just one day! I was devastated, to say the least. What happened next? Readers will have to purchase my book to learn the outcome.

Having a Type A personality and striving to be the most time efficient as possible, my quest to be the most efficient time manager began. Today, I am a time management and efficiency expert among wearing other hats. Ironically, I conducted my master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation projects on time management and even wrote a book about time management. I was so impacted by this experience; it is obvious that my legal career served as the catalyst that provoked me to focus on the art of time management and organization. 

Q. What was the soundest piece of advice that came from one of your co-authors? 

A. Ironically, one of my co-authors enjoys speaking publicly but had to equip herself in preparation for the naysayers who continually challenged her knowledge. My career challenge was being confident in speaking publicly. Her advice to conquer fear suggested leaders be courageous and trust that God will equip us with the tools to succeed. I will add that in addition to trusting God, we need to continually practice and prepare as well as be ready when the season rises to accept our journey.

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