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About The Author: Dawn Marie Westmoreland


Speaker, Podcaster, Author, Mentor, & HR Consultant

 I write articles for attorneys, religious/spiritual leaders, government leaders, mental health experts, employers and employees with solutions for respectful and healthy work environments.  My articles have been featured in The Good Men Project and Thrive Global.  My book "The Empowered Whistleblower" was written after being bullied in a former job.  My second book, "Solutions to Workplace Bullying and Discrimination" will be on the market once it's published. I have been honored to join in as a co-author for "The Strength of My Soul" and "Stand” Up, Speak Out Against Workplace Bullying" books. 

Whistle blowing

Whistleblowing is being discussed a lot in the news these days. Whistleblowers help to elevate humankind by speaking out against illegal activities, fraud, waste, prohibited personnel practices in the government, and about ethical matters. They are the brave souls and voices who speak up about wrong-doing or lack of action on important issues. They can pay a very high price for speaking up. They can be harassed, fired, discriminated, or worse.

Two famous whistleblowers have shaped America. W. Mark Felt was an FBI agent known as "Deep Throat." Felt shared information about the Watergate scandal to Washington Post journalists. It would be about 30 years later before he admitted he was the whistleblower. President Richard Nixon resigned in 1974 after the Watergate scandal which involved bugging the offices of political opponents and harassing political figures and activist groups.

In 2013, Edward Snowden, who is a computer expert, created the most prominent intelligence disclosure about the National Security Agency's (NSA) global surveillance programs. Snowden shared how he felt that the U.S. government was destroying privacy, internet freedom, and fundamental liberties. He is now living in Russia with granted asylum by the Russian government.

Whether you agree with the actions of these two men—they exposed matters of national importance that affected all Americans. I interviewed Erin Brockovich in April 2018 on my podcast, and we discussed whistleblowing in our interview. We both agreed during the interview that whistleblowers often receive a bad name. But, when did it become a bad thing to do the right thing?

Whistleblowers deserve support and protection. It's not in everyone's DNA to be a whistleblower. When someone is speaking up about issues that resonant with you—you can assist them in many ways. If you see an article that appeals to you—share it on your social media. Join an organization that empowers people. Consider volunteering for organizations that support your ideas and belief system. Write a book that elevates humankind. There are so many ways to support causes that can improve everyone’s lives.

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