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Spotlight On Business

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Dr. Shirley K. Clark

Dr. Clark is an International Speaker, TV/Radio Host, Certified Master Life & Executive Business Coach, Millionaire Brand Strategist, Celebrity Spiritual Advisor, and an Award-Winning 10x #1 Amazon International Best-Selling Author. 


Dr. Clark is the CEO of Clark’s Consulting Firm, LLC, and she is called to raise up Kingdompreneurs. Her Firm mainly services high-profile clients (millionaires/billionaires). Dr. Clark has shared the stage/service events with Grant Cardone, Oprah Winfrey, Daymond John, Matthew Knowles (Beyonce’s father), Les Brown, T.D. Jakes & Lisa Nichols. She’s been featured on over 400 media outlets (FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, Yahoo! Finance, New York Times, USA Today, iheart Radio, Spotify, TBN & The Potter’s Touch). Her firm is known for making millionaires, and in 2014, their firm was listed in the Who's Who in Black Dallas Publication.

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Media Partner

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Dr. Ellavese Smith

Overwhelming excellence is her mantra. Not only as it relates to Dr. Smith’s medical practice, but also in her spiritual, personal, social, and areas of academia. Throughout her career, her passion for anesthesiology provided many opportunities to bless others by teaching, sharing, and sponsorship, but also providing scholarships to local students in varied career paths. Dr. Smith held the highly honored, revered and respected position as the Medical Staff President at John Peter Smith Health (JPS) Network in Fort Worth, Texas. Few are knowledgeable that during the hospital’s 100-year history, Dr. Smith is the first and only African American female to have held this position/title.
Currently, Dr. Smith owns a private practice, Trinity Anesthesiology Consultant, LLC. As a physician, she is a blessing in the lives of others by being a lecturer, psalmist and minister throughout the U.S. and Africa.

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Jamal Richburg is setting the New York Streets a Blaze with his amazing contribution to the Pet Community. Sharing his journey that is currently being written through his company Spice’D Treats. He’s serving up Delicious All Natural Organic treats for your Fur Babies, as well as his new addition to the Spice’D Treats Legacy “Spice’D & Bubbles.”  Throughout all the obstacles that might have killed him, doomsday came in the form of the unexpected death of his parents Allen & Elizabeth Richburg which was shortly before the Pandemic. This tragedy sent this creative gentleman into a spiraling dark depression, as Jamal struggled to get over his psychological and physical ailments. The aid of Spice his service canine and three extraordinary friends (“His A Team.”), Jamal reclaimed a renewed sense of purpose. The tough love and encouragement allowed him to be the authentic, creative leader that continues to grow daily.

After a year of healing, planning, and manifesting his future, Jamal was finally ready to combine his passions. With years of experience cooking and creating in the kitchen from his parents, and with the love and appreciation for his dog Spice Jamal began his entrepreneurship journey. He produces pet health and beauty products and even a podcast “Spice’D Tales”. Jamal uses his relaxing atmosphere humble personality, to create a platform where the Pet Community and lovers alike can be informed for the wellness of our animals. This podcast is also used as spotlight for fellow entrepreneurs, here it’s like being a part of the Spice’D Treats Family. All parts of this journey have inspired his new venture into being an author, check Jamal out in 2023 for his first segment in Children Book’s and what the future of Spice’D Treats brings to us!!phs & more.


Spice'D Treats 

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Her Stories



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Dr. Lena G. Clark

Mental Wars

Why are we not talking mental wars in our families in the Communities? Why aren't the Leaders teaching about this? What are they afraid of?  It is an epidemic on the rise and people are crying out for help and searching for answers. I have made it my mission to bring this issue to the forefront and via organizations, magazines, editors, freelance writers, and TV producers. I think you will agree that it’s time to let the world know about mental illness and the effects it has on normal people.

Got Joy!  It’s Up to You!


Are you in a rut? Mentally drained and emotionally exhausted? Longing to be your best self, physically and mentally? Now imagine for a moment that a year from now you are still in the same exact mental, emotional, and physical spot that you’re in now.  What about five years from now? What about ten years from now? Would you be content or would you be wondering where the time went and why you haven’t budged and planned to create a more ideal life?

Ebonie Akinsete


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